Committed to Strong Corporate Governance

Ethical business practices are the cornerstone of everything we do at Care Capital Properties. We believe that corporate governance means much more than accurate financial reporting and director independence. Integrity, accountability, transparency, effective oversight, and sound risk management serve as our guiding principles and will lead to superior long-term performance.

We recognize that a strong, independent board of directors plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction of our company and its culture. Our independent directors, who possess extensive experience in the healthcare, real estate, and financial services industries, make up more than 85% of our board. Under the leadership of our Non-Executive Chairman, Douglas Crocker II, these independent directors not only provide valuable guidance and oversight with respect to our financial and operating performance, corporate strategy, and risk management; they also ensure that we are held to exemplary legal and ethical standards.

Global Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

We expect our directors, officers, employees, and agents acting on our behalf to conduct themselves with integrity and in a way that protects our reputation for fairness and honesty. Accordingly, all such individuals must comply with our Global Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which forms the core of our ethics and compliance program at Care Capital Properties.

We provide multiple ways for employees and other interested parties to report in good faith any concerns or complaints about perceived or potential misconduct, including concerns regarding our internal controls or our accounting or audit practices, by contacting our Compliance Investigator.

Guidelines on Governance and Committee Charters

Our Guidelines on Governance describe the key governance practices we follow to ensure sound risk management and effective oversight by our full board of directors. You can also read about our governance practices in the charters for our Audit and Compliance Committee, Compensation Committee, and Nominating and Governance Committee. Each of these committees exercises independent oversight related to the risks associated with the particular responsibilities of that committee.

We invite shareholders and other interested parties to communicate directly with our board by e-mailing You can also contact our Non-Executive Chairman or the independent members of our board as a group by e-mailing